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Bachelor's program "Chemical Engineering"


The Bachelor's program "Chemical Engineering" is implemented in English by the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. Field of study 18.03.01 “Chemical Engineering”, specialization “Process Chemistry of Natural Energy and Carbon Materials”. Full-time mode of study.

Period of studies: 4 years. A Bachelor's degree is awarded upon graduation.

Career prospects:
The program graduates are employed in engineering positions at oil and gas refineries, petrochemical and chemical companies, oil depots, oil and gas production, transportation and storage enterprises, research institutes, research&design institutes, laboratories, control and management bodies.

The professional training objects:
- processes and industrial facilities of the fuel and energy complex;
- process equipment technical condition diagnostics and control, process automation and control, environmental engineering;
- chemicals and raw materials for the chemical industry; methods and instrumentation for determining the composition and properties of substances and materials.

In the course of training, students learn about theoretical and practical foundations of process chemistry of natural energy and carbon materials, basic chemical processes and equipment and methods of their control, study chemical process modelling and their control systems, gain chemical equipment design skills and ability to work with software package.

Reasons to choose this program:
• Demand for graduates in the labour market: enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, research institutes, research&design institutes;
• The opportunity to engage in scientific activities during training;
• Participation in international scientific and practical conferences;
• Education in English.

Graduates’ professional skills:
• Technological process control and equipment operation in accordance with regulations;
• Usage of technical means to measure the main parameters of technological processes, properties of raw materials and products;
• Technical decision making in process engineering;
• Planning and execution of physical and chemical experiments, processing of their results and error estimation;
• Design of chemical production processes.

Admission information:
- the submission of documents is carried out remotely. The link to the applicant’s online registration form is available on the website page of the USPTU Admissions Office: http://www.pk.rusoil.net/page/online-registraciya-zayavleniy
- entrance tests are carried out remotely. Entrance tests are held via video communication (the applicant is required to have a web camera); entrance tests include Mathematics and Chemistry tests.

You can find additional information about admission on the website of the USPTU Admissions Office: http://www.pk.rusoil.net/