Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Ufa State Petroleum Technological University" (USPTU)
1 Kosmonavtov st., 450064, Ufa,
Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
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International Students

Admission of international students to Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

Pre-university preparatory program for international students (Russian Language program)

International students are welcome to study at Ufa State Petroleum University in accordance with the main professional educational programs of higher education: Bachelor’s programs, Specialist’s (Engineer’s) programs, Master’s programs and post-graduate programs.

3 Bachelor’s programs are provided in English: Petroleum Engineering (specialization: field-based oil and gas gathering, treatment, transportation and storage), Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

As most of the programs at USPTU are conducted in Russian, international students are required to have a good command of Russian. Those who do not have the required language skills can gain them at the additional educational program - pre-university preparatory program for international students (standard period of study: 1 academic year). The program provides Russian language studies, as well as some certain engineering courses required for USPTU entrance exams, such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry etc.

Upon completion of the pre-university preparatory program, international students can take the Russian language proficiency test and entrance exams required for admission to USPTU.

International students wishing to apply for admission to USPTU are welcome to contact USPTU Admissions Office at pkugntu@mail.ru, tel. +7 (800) 55-14-528 and/or USPTU International Office at interdept1@gmail.com, tel.+7(347) 242-07-31.