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Bachelor's program "Mechanical Engineering"


Bachelor's program "Mechanical Engineering" is implemented in English by the Institute of Oil & Gas Engineering and Digital Technology of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. Field of study 15.03.01 “Mechanical Engineering”, specialization “Mechanical Engineering in the Oil and Gas Industry”. Full-time mode of study.

Period of studies: 4 years. A Bachelor's degree is awarded upon graduation.

Career prospects:
The program graduates are employed in engineering positions at oil and gas refineries, petrochemical and chemical companies, oil depots, oil and gas production, transportation and storage enterprises, research institutes, research & design institutes, laboratories, control and management bodies.

The professional training objects:
- processes and industrial facilities of the fuel and energy complex;
- process equipment technical condition diagnostics and control, process automation and control, environmental engineering;
- practical skills in developing technological processes of machinery and repair production in order to ensure operability and improve reliability of oil and gas equipment;
- effective repair and restoration of oil and gas equipment.

Reasons to choose this program:
• Career opportunities: the program opens opportunities to become professionally engaged as engineers, technologists, team management specialists, equipment repair managers, researchers, designers, constructors, etc. in various industry-specific production and service companies, research and design organization in Russia and worldwide;
• The program opens opportunities for further education and pursuing a Master’s degree in specialized universities around the world;
• Students can be involved in scientific activities during training and obtain additional areas of expertise;
• Integration into world science through participation in international scientific and practical conferences;
• Education is conducted in English improving competitiveness of graduates at job interviews.

Application fields for graduates’ professional skills:
• engineering facilities, technological equipment and instrumental equipment;
• industrial equipment for mechanical engineering and automation of technological processes;
• production processes and development of new technologies;
• information, metrological, diagnostic and managerial support tools for technological systems to achieve product quality;
• regulatory technical documentation, standardization and certification systems, methods and tools for testing and quality control of engineering products.

Admission information:
- the submission of documents is carried out remotely. The link to the applicant’s online registration form is available on the website page of the USPTU Admissions Office: http://www.pk.rusoil.net/page/online-registraciya-zayavleniy
- entrance tests are carried out remotely. Entrance tests are held via video communication (the applicant is required to have a web camera); entrance tests include Mathematics and Chemistry tests.
You can find additional information about admission on the website of the USPTU Admissions Office: http://www.pk.rusoil.net/