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Postgraduate programs

Field of study


04.06.01 Chemical Sciences

Organic Chemistry

Petrochemistry (Chemical Sciences)

Petrochemistry (Engineering Sciences)

Mathematical and Quantum Chemistry

05.06.01 Earth Sciences

Ecology (in chemistry and petrochemistry)

Geophysics and Geophysical Methods

of Prospecting for Minerals (Engineering Sciences)

Geology, Prospecting for and Exploration of Oil and Gas Fields (Geological and Mineralogical Sciences)

08.06.01 Construction Engineering

Foundation Engineering and Underground Structures

Technology and Organization of Construction

Building Materials and Products

09.06.01 Computer Science and Engineering

Parts and Devices of Computers and Control Systems

Automation and Control of Technological Processes and Industrial Facilities

Mathematical Modeling, Digital Methods and Program Complexes

15.06.01 Mechanical Engineering

Machinery, Units and Processes (by industry)

18.06.01 Chemical Technologies

Process Chemistry of Fuels and High-Energy Substances Processes and Equipment of Chemical Technologies

Technology of Organic Substancies

19.06.01 Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology

Biotechnology (including bionanotechnologies)

20.06.01 Technosphere Safety

Fire and Industrial Safety (in the oil and gas industry)

21.06.01Geology, Exploration

and Development of Minerals)

Technology of Drilling and Development of Wells

Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation

Construction and Operation of Oil &Gas

Pipelines and Storage Facilities

22.06.01 MaterialsTechnology

Materials Science (Mechanical engineering in the oil and gas industry)

27.06.01 Technical Systems Control

Data Measuring and Control Systems

38.06.01 Economics

Economics and Management of National

Economy (by industry and spheres of activity)

Economic Theory

39.06.01 Sociological Sciences

Social Structure, Social Institutes and Processes

Management Sociology

41.06.01 Political Sciences and Regional Studies

Theory and Philosophy of Politics, History and Political Methodology

Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies

46.06.01 Historical Sciences and Archaeology

History of Science and Technology

National History

47.06.01 Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies

Ontology and Epistemology

Social Philosophy