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Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
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Pre-university Preparatory Program for International Students (Russian Language Program)


As most of the programs at USPTU are conducted in Russian, international students are required to have a good command of the Russian language. Those who do not have the required language skills can gain them at the additional educational program - pre-university preparatory program for international students (standard period of study: 1 academic year). The program provides Russian language studies, as well as the basic engineering courses required for entrance exams, such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry etc.

Upon completion of the pre-university preparatory program, international students are able to take the Russian language proficiency test and entrance exams required for admission to USPTU.

International students wishing to apply for the pre-university preparatory program are welcome to contact USPTU International Office at interdept1@gmail.com, tel.+7(347) 242-07-31.