Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Ufa State Petroleum Technological University" (USPTU)
1 Kosmonavtov st., 450064, Ufa,
Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Phone: +7 (347) 242-03-70
Fax: +7 (347) 243-14-19
E-mail: info@rusoil.net

Research and Development



USPTU main scientific directions:
- deepening of oil refining and increasing the efficiency of using hydrocarbon raw materials; synthesis, structure, properties, fields of application, laboratory and industrial technologies for obtaining chemicals;
- improvement of equipment and technology for drilling and oil and gas fields development;
- developing sustainable techniques and methods for the design and construction of oil depots, oil storage facilities, oil and gas pipelines and enhancing the efficiency of oil and gas transportation and storage facilities;
-improving the efficiency, safety, durability and corrosion resistance of oilfield, petrochemical and oil and gas transportation equipment;
- labor and environmental protection, human ecology;
- improving performance, management and planning at oil and gas companies;
- developing new building materials and processes that reduce material and energy consumption and labor intensity and increase the durability of building structures.

USPTU scientific schools:
The scientific schools functioning at USPTU are leaders in the related scientific fields in Russia:
- chemistry and technology of linear and cyclic acetals and their sulfur-, oxygen-, nitrogen-, silicon-containing analogs;
- transforming saturated heterocycles influenced by free radicals and carbenes;
- organic and bioorganic chemistry and biotechnology;
- development and assessment of oil and gas production equipment reliability;
- improving the quality and safety of oil and gas refineries’ equipment;
- development of automated control systems in oil production, oil refining and petrochemistry;
- deepening of oil refining and technology of petroleum products with enhanced environmental properties;
- modeling and developing energy-saving technologies for oil, gas, petrochemical and refining products fractionation on the basis of counter- and crossflow packed columns;
- improving the processes for the manufacture of petrochemical equipment;
- modified high strength and durable concretes and related structures;
- history of science and technology of hydrocarbon production and processing;
- economic efficiency of investment and innovation activities of oil and gas companies;
- financial management and accounting at oil and gas companies and financial market institutions in the region;
- improving the quality of well construction and completion;
- improving the efficiency of oil and gas field development and operation;
- improving the efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness of oil and gas transportation and storage facilities.